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Naaaa Engrish 30 luglio 2011

Posted by admin in Language Fail, Mr. Gandolfo, Paranoici/Diffidenti.

Subject: Re: new server
From: Infinity
Newsgroups: alt.free.newsservers

“HR” <in…@e.post> ha scritto nel messaggio
> Who wants to go “newsing” via webinterface???

More user’s have requested this from me…

> So you ban ISPs who dont have newsabusers on their iprange?

I ban a ISP but _have_ spammer, no question, my rules…

> Can you manage other domains before wawamail does so?
> I have now my primary email via Google.

What have you understood? You can use whatever email you want. What I do is to give a free service of email.

> So I don’t trust paranoid newsadmins…

I? paranoid? naaaaa :)

Gandolfo “Infinity” Ivo


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